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In mercy of Venus

     Digital, Analogue, & Graphite
       In order of creation

The planet Venus, the Goddess can also go by other names such as; Lucifer, Morning Star, Freya, Aphrodite, and Ishtar. She represents beauty, romance, wisdom, femininity, art, music, dance, nature, love, luxury, wealth, pleasure...

She rises for 260 days and goes into the underworld for 7 where she becomes the evening star...


Venus was originally placed horizontally, the frame shifted the my gaze, she appeared to be laying down, relaxed and submissive. Once I decided to created the analogue version I naturally repositioned her, reverting her back to a standing position.  I no longer see what I saw. 

Venus and her Devotee under Roses


Digitally Embellished

Analogue Collage

Graphite Pencil

Making the Analogue work

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