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How To Get Into A Creative Flow In 7 Simple Steps!

Updated: May 18, 2023

Did you realise that your state of mind must be inline with your action?

Here we are, it is definately time to share some experiences in success and failure when getting into a state of constant flow...

You are there, staring at your blank canvas or paper wondering how to begin. Do you just start flicking your pen/brush around, have a photograph to study from or do you stare intensely at the blank blank very blank sight until you are moved to begin? Well, all three of these attempts may work for you, but how are you feeling right now? Twitchy? Unsettled? Nervous? Nothing? It has been said by art critic Jerry Salts that, 'If you know exactly what you are doing, you are not an artist'. So have no fear, knowing is not necessary, not at all. However, feeling good in your mind and body will most definatley increase your level of concentration.

1. Wake Up Early Or Stay Up late.

In my experience either of these times work well, wake at 5.30 and begin at 6.30am. Give yourself an hour to come back to earth a nice hot drink or juice along with a fruit or cookie, something good something naughty to even you out. Allow yourself hazy thoughts try not to focus on one thought, just observe them until you remember why you decided to wake up early. If you choose to stay up late, through the early early twighlight hours. Be sure to be in your most balanced sense of self. Tiredness falters the mind. Flips and shifts it around. But if your focus is high, (because you are an night owl) then let the fuel and power you on.

2. Take a nice shower. You know how good it feels to feel the water fall onto your skin, how fresh how awakening! Cleanse your energy and feel alive and well again with the love of our divine water

3. Go do something physical before you begin. I am sure you have read this before but it is true! Yoga is my discipline, without it I simply cannot focus or channel anything. My body will not accept long hours of working without a mental/emotional/ physical release. To feel liberated in the body and mind is to allow total freedom and focus in the art. Banishing intrusive thoughts, obsession or nagging is a tough fight and so if you can stop fighting and observe them instead a sense of peace arrive once you let go of control and simply be with your breath.

4. Listen to Music or the birds chirping! Life awakening outside. There is a reason we all love it and feel it, and maybe this is the best way to change the energy in the mind and spirit, be sure coose sounds that help with focus not evoke your emotions that will provoke an emotional breakdown, unless you are working on the edge of your emotions because this is the subject you are exploring.

5. Be prepared to fail, once we accept that we are not perfect but we intend to create something with feeling with meaning no matter how bad it begins you have the power to correct it, work it and surprise yourself.

6. Enjoy yourself. Whatever the reason for your work, let it flow with an agreement to enjoy it. Be in cathasis, be in love. be in you and let it out and no matter what happens you know that you felt yourself being present and that feels good.

7. Go Ahead and release your fears.

Don't judge yourself don't worry about what you saw in your head and what came out on the surface. Play, let go, Live and learn and Love your creative action with no conditions!

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