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Le Petit Chat Noir, a Kitten named Coco Angelo.

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

It was just a little dream, I didn't expected him to arrive. But he has. Well not quite, but he shall arrive soon.

So far we have stuck a the name that reflect beauty and wonder...but I must tell you, my first simple called was Prince. I shall reveal his name when he arrives, OK? Have patience like myself. Ha ha haaaa.

I decided a couple of days that Prince will become a part of my work in a way I did not think about before. He will be a feature in my illustrations and stories, (just as soon as I begin to create them).

You will join me if you like, to discover the world of taking care of a kitten, I am no expert yet, and so studying shall be done!

Waiting for a kitten to arrive feels a lot like waiting for christmas as a child.

Not knowing if I would get a gift I dreamt of, wondering if my mum listened to me quiet shouts of "I want I want". I am sure my parents did there best. But I'll never forget as a 6 year old waiting for the beautiful big swan I dreamt of playing with from (My Little Pony), never arrived, just a little squishy instead. I Still remember the sadness I felt. And if I'm honest it was at that age I began to question Santa and the craze of Christmas. Afterall I knew I had been a good girl, I was an angel 😇 at 6 years old, no joke! Anyway, with such a small memory held in my mind let's fast forward some years...nowadays i have the job of trying to balance it all, children, gifts, disappointment and little white lies for my daughter's.

A kitten has been in our hearts 💕 for tears and after all this time I can finally say my magic worked, the purrfect petite chat noir is here. Follow this blog to see our Kitten journey!

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