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Rehearsal Time: When Musican's join an Orchestra...

...Darren Gallagher, Alex Jones, Fernando Costa, Toyo Bagoso, Miss Fran Duarte, and Rodgigo Campangneolo...

Darren Gallagher. Albert Jones. Fernando Costa.

Last year, November 2019, the Mississipi Blues Festival, founded by Toyo Bagoso (harmonica Player), (Caxias du Sol, Brasil), joined forces with UCS University's Orchestra whom, invited someone quite special to play his new Folk songs, Mr Darren Gallagher!

I wanted to capture the guys in a relaxed, working state, to find the magical moments shared between these friends and professionals alike, who decided to join together to make Darren's performance even more dynamic!

More images arriving soon!

About Town In Gramado...For An Evening in Hard Rock Cafe!

Discover and Listen to the beautiful music:

Darren G:

Fernando Costa:

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