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The Mean Scratches Of An Innocent Kitten: Week One With Coco Angelo

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

As this little thing comes into our lives, I prepare to adjust myself, my space and my time. Make way for little Coco Angelo, as he enters and pounces around looking to play with everything that interests him. So how do you make a shift for my furry son? Well, you can begin with making a bed, I decided to make a teepi using four thin rods, a basket and a couple of soft and squishy jumpers. He settled pretty nicely into the basket straight away, he even played with his new bed for a few days. Being the kinda kitty he is, means, he is highly active and craves to snuggle close to a warm human, well we are much bigger than the mother!

In the middle of the night, I felt so right until Coco came to town. He gently sqeezed himself next to my head close to my pillow and sweetly drifted off, for a few minutes, then his paws started stretching out. The scratches cut through my arms like thorns of a rose . Over and over he paws and sniffs and then chews my fingers, not to hard but enough to give me a shock to get me up. 'Give him some crunchies' the thought popped in! Yes, a little more food and water now, at 2am, sure, ok. Babies.

For the next half an hour Coco rumaged around the bedroom, looking for something, ah yes, the litter tray, there was a tiny litter tray in the corner of the room. Ahhhh pee pee time. What next? Well, a quick lick of the paws and face and it's back to bed! Hmm, no, not my bed Angelo, your bed s'il vous plait! Non, non, pas dans mon lit! (Not in my bed!). Again and again, I pick him up and put him in his tipee basket, back and fourth we go, this goes on for about 20 mins.

It is All about the Playtime...

Have you ever woken up and felt so alive you just start jumping around looking for things to play with? well, maybe as a child but rarely do we do this as an adult...unless we wake up in some kind of theme park!

Coco is learning to chase and pounce, he knows instinctively that that is what he should do. We can see this in his every move, he sees a tassle here or a dressing gown belt dangling down, infact anything that seems to be moving freely, he will grab it and claw it, chew it and sniff it. He like to play hide and seek, and chase the mouse or ball.

He is so quick

To Flick his tail to,

Quip his claws to,

Run away to,

The other side of space to

Go back down to sleep too...

...Jump up on his feet to,

slowdown just to eat, to

Lick his paws to clean too,

Snuggle up close and be with me, to

Close his eyes and purr softly, to

Sleep Eat, Play and Repeat too.

'Kitten feet' June 5th 2020.


Coco has inspired ideas for the stories and products for

Watch This Space!...

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