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When You Just Cant Quite Catch The Toy...

In the first week of having Coco, we see how he begins to develop skills with his paws and claws! This video shot around 6am, everything must be touched and pushed around, to see if it is worthy of play. In this short clip you can see he has got a little more practice to do, as he tosses it around his tipee style bed.

He plays like this for just a couple of minutes before moving on to the next thing that catches his eye!

The next video is shot late at night, he seems to be playing hide and seek with a shelled peanut. It is amazing how much he loves to play with small balls and peanuts, his tiny paws patter away, throwing it all around the place. He seemed to be placing it under the scratch post only to try get it again. He repeated this over and over, until boredom set in.

I feel that this kitty will be happy with such simple homemade toys, such as boxes, loo rolls and wool, pompoms and strings. He is a curious kitty, he simply want to know what I and everyone else is doing most of the time, he even wants to get in on the less attractive things like when I have to go take a pee, he is quick to run behing the loo to get the brush ewwwwww I shout and chuck him (gently) out!

What is it with tissue that cat's love so much?

The discovery of endlessly chasing your own tail!

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