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Emotional in Nature 

Graphite Pencil
A3 (29.7x42cm)
220msg Paper
December -- September 2021

'Rescue Me' September 

Nature is alive with emotion...

Shading a floating flower

Shading the tears

Drawing Feet

A Closer Look 

Artist Statement

  ‘Emotional In Nature’ contains a series of works that explore the idea of our own soul and spirit being literally affected by the transformative and deeply emotional power of nature.

Inspired by a natural curiosity for spirituality and unseen energy,  the obscurity of a presence in this work arose from the notion of nature as a human savior.  The need to allow in nature even in a supernatural sense became vital since the pandemic of COVID-19.  Since the breakdown of normality as we knew it, I sensed, felt and viewed the emotions of humanity in disarray.  Graphite pencil was challenging to depict energetic details of a a scene captivated be a female figure such as the blonde bombshell. The image of a feminine woman being overshadowed by blooms of nature felt like the right chose as a visual aesthetic.  I wanted to add the iconic telephone to give salutation to the past.  Contributing to the memory of an elegant style that can still be depicted in popular culture today.  

As time goes on and I find myself amidst the making of the oil collection, the idea of what this flower is, is evolving. 

June - August