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What's the Story?

Dreams, the unconscious, inter-dimensional realities, spirituality, the occult, nature, sensuality, human nature, and the human condition are all subjects of deep curiosity and interest.

  My art life dream began twenty-two years ago.  Though I did not dream of studying art at school, my dream then was to act and direct.  As a late teenager and in my early twenties.  It wasn't long before I began to fall in love with the beauty and mystery of painting/sculpture, film, and video art.  After gaining a Bachelor's degree in 2004, I lived and worked in Manchester as a street fundraiser all over the UK.  At the same time photography and sketching became a mode of expression, especially when darting around the cities of London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Budapest, and Florence.  It was in London where the creative focus expanded.


I earned a Master's degree in Contemporary Arts: Performance Art.  By this time I was already working in other mediums, such as photography and drawing, and painting.  During my time at Goldsmiths University, 2006-2007.

London felt alive with optimism and fun.   To have sipped quietly with a barrister-made coffee just to sketch was a picture of the beautiful but edgy bohemian lifestyle. I would often be wrapped up in a rose-tinted idea,  just like my sunglasses.   a visual library of what has been and what could be, in the matter of all things art.  I was alone a lot of the time for the first time, which was enlightening and sometimes frightening.   London for me, was a time of self discovery, poetry and poverty.  Earning very little, unable to fix myself to a "proper job" was also quite intense at times.  Thank goodness for those rose-tinted sunglasses.


After four years of living in London, I was given a gig as a photographer in the renowned Dingwalls of Camden.  Camden was a go-to place for musicians.  

  In 2009,  became pregnant with my first daughter, our family began in the historical town of Hastings.  But even in a lovely seaside town art is almost impossible  to make during the early stages of motherhood. Nevertheless, ideas flowed and notes and drawings were made. 

I decided to create photography workshops with the baby.

After only one year, we left Hastings  and headed over to Cardiff.  Then one year later we shot off to Brazil, 2012.  It was here where my second child was born two years later. 

   During the five years spent living in the south of Brazil,  I was playing and experimenting with fine art mediums, including large-scale oil paintings, performance art, sculpture, video art, music photography, and stop motion animation.

Moving to Brasil, no doubt was a giant leap of faith.  Living in an unfamiliar new artistic territory, what a challenge to say the least. 

 It was on the count down of the final year in 2017, I found myself immersed in work every single day.  The birth of collage art, character drawing, and dreamscape paintings began to pour out. Even on the final day of her time in Brasil.  I even found myself trying to finish the large-scale oil painting that eventually was cut into smaller pieces and brought to France. 

Since 2018, I have been based in the Rhone-alps of France as I continue to create collections that explore the unconscious realms of reality, I has now been accepted as a  new member of the 'Maison Des Artists', and it is here I shall stay until...  

   This year in 2022, will be the year of networking, sharing as well as developing collections further. 

The recent collection of graphite works, named 'Emotional in Nature.' is set to be painted in oils later in the year, if circumstances allow it!   It is during the months of January and February her collage art collections will continue to develop in their surreal complexity and dainty detail.  From the springtime onwards I set to work on large clay sculptures alongside the exploration of new performance art ideas with her close online collaborators based in west London.

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