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It is wonderful and hugely inspiring to teach and learn with children while they explore and study their art practice.  Daydreamer began two years ago in my sunny garden.  The workshops began with a photography workshop 6+, that ran for 6 weeks, alongside a polymer clay workshop for the children of four years old.  Last year, at the beginning of school term I decided to go ahead and create weekly workshops. Usually I would teach between three to eight students a week.  Even after the first lockdown in France, student re emerged quickly to come back to discover the life of art.  During the second lockdown we have had to adapt our studies slightly by using Zoom.  Soon, I shall open up this new mode of studying to the world.  My mission is to establish a community of young artists here in Bozel, to teach our children that Art is a way of life, love, and expression wherever and whatever age they are. 

Golden Key

Portraits Styles:  mixed media

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Sept 2020 -June2021

Charcoal, Watercolours, Oil Pastels, Graphite

TheHalloween Workshop...


11years old

October 2020

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