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Oracle Cards Part 1


Insight + Wisdom



Limited Edition

12 Abstract Beings: Text

 A few years ago I began pondering on the idea to create my very own oracle.  Inspired by so many artists and in particular by the Faerie Oracle by Brian Froud and Jessica Macbeth.  I was given the set as a gift age 16 by my mother. This was over 20 years ago now. All these years later, I still go to them for readings when in doubt or confusion.  I simply believe and adore the faeire folk. 

 Once I began to work on the first group which is presently named,‘Royals’ in pencil and ‘Abstract Beings’ in collage, I realised the process of divination could take much longer than I first anticipated.  The casting of the cards  flowed as with a compass. I felt at ease.    I wanted to create intuitively and openly and without self judgement.  

So far, 14 Abstracts and 12 Royals of the 72 have emerged.    

 A white light background, symbolising an awakening.  The grand shapes were made by selecting from beautiful  fashion copy prints.

The meaning of each card is revealed in short at this time.  A book shall accompany the 72 cards once the work has been fully realised.

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