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The Zodiac Influence

The collection that begins with celebration with the ending of Winter.  It was created with anticipation of  the coming of Spring.

 It occurred to me that with so many magazine issues collected over the last 7 years, it would be a perfect time to begin the next collage collection dedicated to Astrology.

The long search for the story begins with the intriguing images of women. The images must reflect the symbology and aspects of each sign.  By corresponding monthly issues for each, i.e. February for Aquarius, March for Pisces and so on. The tone of the work is initiated by the seasonal content of fabric patterns, luxury jewellery, themes that have inspired fashion and cultural magazines. 

With the guidence and references of occult books over the years,(such as The Light of Egypt, The Science and Soul of the stars, by Thomas H Burgoyne), and The Visionary Activist, Astrology, by Caroline w. Casey.  It is possible to create something  inspired, intuitive and meaningfully playful. 

Aquarian Woman
Stopmotion Animation
February 2024

 Aquarian Woman, began with a singular photograph of a woman in her bath with a man talking next to her. She is the central focus of the piece.  Below, the painted blue ink sea waves contrast beautifully with the hues of the moon and skin and illuminate the imagery.  The photography of outer space will be the backdrop for all the scenes in the collection.  

An aspect of the Aquarian world is that of scientific discoveries, inventions, and rebellion.  It is a place where the spiritualistic and scientific world meet.  Uranus (Aquarian ruler), harness's the zeitgeist mood and will empty out knowledge by pouring it back into the world, new and improved.

Aquarian Woman
Collage Art
February 2024


Pisces Woman

Stop Motion Animation

March 2024

Pisces Woman, features a sleeping beauty. Here, he represents the unconscious mind, the plain where dreams are eternally created, manifested, lost and found. 

'The world floating in the sea of the infinite and resting in night shows the present state of humanity, but the "blush of dawn" is ready to gladden the soul, and the expectant seer, from his lonely vigil on the hilltop, awaits the sunlight which will soon flood the world anew.' T.H.Bourgyne 


Pisces Woman

Final Still

Glass Frame


Coming Next: Aries Woman

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