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'Driving Through Soft Land', 2019-20

I love creating collage art! The senses are high in the selection process so whenever I find the fine textures, fabrics, floral prints, elegant jewels and nature to play with.  To touch the thing with my mind because my hands cannot.

To adore the feeling of fabric could be considered my secret sexy kink.  When I sift through fashion magazines for ad copy, my mind is focused on texture and detail.  I want to infuse the work with elegant luxurious images.  I want to lift the noisy mind out of the 'normal' allowing for a surreal and cerebral experience. 

To Spring


A small collection of analogue collage art that explores vivid magentas, cacti and doodles.  I wanted to create a series of dreamscapes yet highly romantic spring scenes, of birth, chaos and new beginnings.  This series begun to emerge one year ago, it was only this year that I was able to complete it, the decision to doodle over the ad copy took me one year to agree with! I struggle constantly with my own freedom to play without worrying about failing.     


As we flow through the spring months many moments of change occur, our energy is boosted by longer days giving birth to an array of flowers, animals, art and music.  It is a precious time to investigate nature, to watch her warm-up, and spiral the birth of new life, creativity while flooding the eyes with colour and taste. 


'Forbidden T.V. ', 2020.

There will always be occult messages within art, this is due to the nature of how the images are chosen.  What I mean by that is, once a particular animal, or object is found, the scene begins to build itself.  Meanings begin to suggest themselves to m.  They sit intriguingly on the table. Colours popping shades hiding, everything wants to be stuck together but in a fashion that allows for a story to take place.   I must always ask questions for every piece I work on.  This changes from time to time but mostly, I am asking the cosmos what must be seen, is their potential for a story? What am I trying to tell myself? Do I know something now that I didn't before? Is my intention to cast a spell in this work?... 

'From The Cacti A Golden Snake Emerges,' 2019/2020 


'An Unexpected Tea Party', 2019/20

Coming SOON

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