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Week 5 With Coco: now just 2 months old

I love how kittens even at such a young age can be so delicate and precise in their steps. Obviously there is no regard for what he is stepping on so long as it seems appealing and soft. Here is happily pops his feet down all over the laptop keys.

How he do that? Even kittens have immense agility and strength in their legs, with such great a force, those back legs support the launch of the body thrusting upwards and onwards. Here he attempted a couple of times and then, smack, got it! Here is just the beginning of developing leaping legs for lively chases.

My heart sank when I was corrected about Coco's Birthday. A whole month younger than I thought. WHich means, he came away from his mother 3 weeks too early. As sad and irresponsible as this maybe, Coco adapted pretty quickly to his new environment, with no night time cries or chaos. Several weeks later, we finally reunite him with his sister Tiger Lilly, and what a battle they chose. We thought perhaps they might fight for territory, but no, after several minutes of hissing and hiding, they figured out it was the ultimate playtime with little Sister. Unfortunately it ended too quickly for Coco as his sister was put back in to her box to calm down. Coco instantly felt this loss which was clear to see as he walked slowly over to my painting corner to rest, brood and sleep. Until the next time...

'Can I fit in there? Yes of course I can!' was the question I believed I heard Coco say. He we can see he has a chance to practice surprise attacks! Playing like this allows him to build confidence in his actions and so when he is imperfect he knows he is safe and sound to keep playing until he tires of it....25minutes later.

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